Seoul in my soul – My experiments with Korean Skincare

Hello fellow humans  😀

Now that the skin care enthusiasts in all corners of an otherwise round world have declared that(by that I mean screaming-themselves-hoarse)all-things Korean is what you need to step up your beauty game and skin care. I think it’s safe to assume, that this is just the beginning of the K-wave, and I am more than excited to it. I was aways a multi-product person, I loved slathering myself with multiple products, instead of using a single all-purpose product. The current K-wave has sort of just enabled me to exploit the habit 😀


I caught the Korean skin care bug couple of months ago, while researching for a good skin serum I stumbled upon Kerry’s Blog and tone thing led to another and before i knew it I was spiralling into this journey of crazy ingredients face first. Million AsianBeauty subreddit binge reads later I had figured out that I needed snails and ferments in my life.

Beautynetkorea seemed to have the best online rates at that time for Benton Snail Bee high Content steam cream & essence, a special discount on Mizon Hyalouronic ampoule along with the Snail Recovery gel, 120 ml of Tony Moly intense care lite essence for about 12 USD. An order was placed and breaths were held for the longest 2.5 weeks. The day I got the box, I could have hugged the postman out of happiness 😛 In total this costed my about 52 USD, but they ran out of the Mizon snail cream when my order was ready to be dispatched (obviously they returned the money for that, sent me an instant email about it, very fast and courteous ),. Because I was so desperate to get it, I placed an order on eBay, and got this in 2 weeks as well. Though the aim was to do a responsible haul and fill the arsenal slowly, I got carried away and ordered the Cosrx BHA blackhead power liquid aswell ( took me all but 2 days to cave in ) I bought the Innisfree Green tea seed serum from their store in Khan Market Delhi a few months ago, so at least that one didn’t need immediate buying.

Dwelling into product details, consider this like an introduction as I am still not using these religiously & so I am yet to form my opinion on them.

The Bentons – Snail Bee High content steam cream and essence

I wasn’t sure about purchasing these, people were sent a bad batch and the whole internet exploded with photos of irritated skin, and anti-Benton rants. However the loyalists stuck to their opinion and said that the products worked and showed results. This product is marketed as being anti-acne, anti-wrinkle, whitening/brightening, and moisturising, so yes it sounds like magic-in-bottle. However because I am very afraid of wreaking havoc on my skin I have used this very sparingly and it’s sitting comfortably in my fridge along with its steam cream sister almost full ( the products don’t contain any preservatives so aren’t very stable at high temperatures hence the fridge ) The cream feels good on the skin, doesn’t leave the face oily post application, and absorbs fast, doesn’t particularly smell of anything. Both thess contain Snail Mucin and Bee Venom as star ingredients which are supposed to fight pigmentation and have skin renewal benefits. You must read Skin&Tonic’s review because after that review any kind of review will be doing an injustice to Benton  !

Tony Moly Intense Care Light essence

In K-Routine, An essence is basically an in-betweener in your routine packed with Hydrating ingredients to essentially prepare your skin for coming steps. I was fascinated by Galactomyces and how it made everyone’s skin brighter and radiant and found this to be the cheapest and with the prettiest bottle 😉 Galactomyces is basically a ferment filtrate which is supposed to  brighten skin, fading sunspots, and smooth fine lines. The Famed SK-II essence was the mother of all this, because it costed a GDP of a small country other brands picked the ferment filtrate idea and came up with affordable versions of this. This one isn’t extremely moisturising but I have heard there are one’s that great help in improving skin’s hydration levels, so once this one finishes I might either pick up the Secret Key  or the Cosrx one.

Cosrx BHA Blackhead power liquid

If there’s one problem that I would get my skin to rid off magically  that is blackheads. Over the years I have been fighting a lost battle with them, and have bought this in hope that this becomes my knight in shining armor. This is a chemical exfoliant with 4%. Betaine salicylate, which is a gentler alternative to Salicylic acid, I have used Paula’s choice 2% Salicylic Acid but found it extremely annoying as it left this grimy film on the face post application. I have been reading more about Cosrx as a brand, and have a feeling that they are going to take over my skin care routine. Their products have the shortest ingredient list, and make power packed products which work (going by brilliant reviews)

Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream

Even though I bought the Benton cream, I got this only because of its price. under 5 USD for 45 ml & free shipping. I had to get this, people have been raving about this, and what the hell, little snail never hurt anyone. this is decently moisturising, dries mattish and doesn’t feel heavy on skin, and as of now I am liking this.

Mizon hyaluronic acid 100 ampoule

I will buy anything with Hyaluronic acid, no seriously. My skin is constantly dehydrated and I keep looking for ingredients/ potions/ creams that would make it feel less parched, and when I saw that this baby was available for 10.5 $ I had to get it ( it has great reviews from most of the people) I add 2-3 drops to my moisturiser or pat it on my face to add some water back to it.

Innisfree Green Tea seed Serum

This one needs no introduction, this one is one hell-of-a-great shot of anti-oxdants and moisture into your skin. I love the smell, it’s extremely light and my skin drinks it up like water. Great for calming your skin down after a long day in sun, and otherwise 🙂

Phew that was a mouthful, all these products are free of mineral oil/ parabens which is why I was gravitated towards them, plus I felt that the ingredient list of these products were fantastic, and considering the prices of Clinique/ Origins/Estee Lauder & other fancy skin care brands in India with similar products, I found these more affordable.

Here’s hoping that they work well, I live happily-ever-after with them!


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