Fresh Face Heroes – Toners

Who doesn’t want a fresh face, a good skin,  a nice canvas to play with all your make up indulgences! As the years in my life have been increasing (modestly growing older) I find myself gravitating more and more towards skincare than make up. Serums over foundations, toners over lipstick, emulsions  over eyeshadow. While many might find a long day/night routine tiring, I find it cathartic.Over the years my routine has become more and more elaborate, I loved layering products even before I got to know about Korean skincare, so after this new bubble I have embraced newer additions with open arms and full face.

Toning. I have hated this right from the beginning, I couldn’t fathom what was the purpose of this step, why slather your stuff with things which smell and feel like Vodka ( Clinique I blame you for this). The old world- western toners were incredibly drying with barely any skin-improving acids, I just couldn’t get along with these. Until recently; when I started obsessing over Ms. Hirons and a few K-skincare reddits and figured out this step has so much to it. and now this has become my favorite part! A PH balancing toner and one acid toner, and post these I feel my skin is awake and ready for the next step! Being in India, off the rack options are limited. The alcohol free Clinique toner isn’t available in the stores, Vichy and La Roche Posay are too harsh if used for too long, after numerous hit and trials I feel that I have stumbled upon the best ones available in India and extremely affordable ones at that

The first being Kama Ayurveda Vetiver water – It’s a natural PH balancer, making your skin ready for any acid product that you would want to slather on your face along with calming your skin post cleansing. It’s an Ayurvedic product made from completely natural ingredients. It’s effects are extremely calming, the scent isn’t over powering and it leaves my skin feeling just so fresh and happy.he fragrance isn’t too strong and lingers only for seconds(quietly calming you as it disappears) I prefer buying the travel sized bottles because the full sized ones are extremely large and cumbersome to carry around for travel. 50 ML for 175 INR & 645 for 150 ml. I think it’s very well priced and is worth every buck spent on it. Great thing is; you can spritz it at any time of the day as well not only to hydrate and bring back life into your skin but also to your day 😉 Happy Face makes for a Happy Day!! This in combination with acid exfoliation works well combatting dry patches and clogged pores alike, leaving my skin smoother. Serums get absorbed better, moisturiser doesn’t sit for long.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 12.25.46 pm Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 12.26.14 pm

I follow the vetiver water with an Acid Toner by an Indian Brand currently available online only  – Plum green tea alcohol free toner. This bottle wonder has managed to fill a void in my routine and changed things only for better. Though the ingredient list isn’t really explanatory in terms of % of acids, what is good is it’s short and concise. Lesser the things, Lesser you mess up. It surely is free of all things that I don’t want on my face (parabens, phthalates and SLS) and I am happy with that. It has glycolic acid, green tea and glycerine along with fragrance(only ingredient I am not too happy about). I bought this as an exfoliating toner, however concentration of glycolic acid in this one is quite mild, While my skin can take higher concentrations, for sensitive skins this should work like magic. 200 ml cost about 380 rs which according to me is a fabulous deal.

I follow these up with higher concentration of acid ( salicylic mostly) and serum + moisturizer to seal the deal. A happy face indeed. What about you guys, do you use a toner? Would love to hear about your routine!


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