Fighting Darkness – Concealer Arsenal

To say I am obsessed with concealers would be an understatement of the century. I have been more than obsessed with finding the perfect product which would work like magic under my eyes and erase all the remnants of this constant hollow that stays irrespective of my sleep and food patterns.

My quest started with Loreal True match, I was in college when the lady at the store matched me with ghastly shade of almost white and  I even took it with me thinking it would actually help. thankfully I never really ended up using it. Fast-forward couple of years later, after reading 128374234756 reviews about best-concealer-ever I went and got myself a Mac Pro-longwear concealer and things were okay for a while, until I realised this little bottle had a mind of its own. some days it was just perfect and rest would be thing pinkish blotch under my eyes, calling attention like a cranky 2 year old.It still works for me on most of the days. It’s one of most long staying formulas that I know of. Once you have it on, this baby is there to stay. I use NC42 which with its peach tint works almost like a corrector. Almost perfection. Only problem is the pump, I won’t bore you with my gripe with it, because people have written pages about their angst about the pump, but none seems to have deterred MAC. They still carry the one which has a projectile speed launch a tiny concealer spaceship. Had it not costed 1800 bucks and not set in 7 seconds, I wouldn’t have mind the extra blessing of concealer gloop every time I try to use it. but it’s okay, you can’t always win all wars.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 1.24.18 pm

The position closest to HG status is a close fight. On one side is the Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach. Creamy and just the perfect shade for me this little tub is heaven. One little dab and the remnants on the longest nights can quickly be hidden, leaving me fresh and not-sickly looking. 1.4 gms come at a whopping price of 1800 INR, but because you only need a little it gets compensated. I use my fingers to apply or sometimes a damp beautyblender. Never have been able to get brushes to work with this bae.

On the other side is Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. This little Bottle which has been hailed as the magic wand by the bloggers worldwide. And they kid me not, this is actually fantastic. I got mine after days worth of online research at a steal price of INR 1600 in the color ginger which worked like a dream. Too good to be true, this is what concealer dreams are made of. Perfect consistency, just the right opacity and a nearly perfect wear-time. However, the glory days of this buddy were shortlived for me, as I managed to lose it with my bag couple of days later, leaving me to lament about it’s awesomeness. I don’t even have a picture, took this from Sephora’s website


Which brings me to the last bullet in my arsenal, a product which borderlines on the foundation- concealer barrier. Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer. With a whopping almost 50% of pigment this product is as opaque as they get. Mixing it with moisturiser/ primer gives you the option of choosing the opacity. which is why this is my go-to face product. I use it as a foundation & concealer both and it works fantastically. It doesn’t budge, gives this mattish finish which looks absolutely divine. I have colors SX11 & 12 and I mix them to get a perfect shade match. At a whopping price of  almost 37 Pounds this doesn’t come cheap, however you get about 18 gms, which considering product will last anyone 2 lifetimes. You need the tiniest of the amount to cover your entire face!

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 2.22.21 pm

That’s pretty much from me as of now, I am still planning to get myself another bottle of NARS and Urban Decay Naked Skin! Any enabling suggestions will be welcome.


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