The unsung hero of perfect faces – Kryolan

I am a review hogger, It’s like this conversation that you have the other person, with them telling you what they liked, what they didn’t. For a person who does 95% of purchases online, I read these like my life depends upon them ( and maybe it does ;)) Before investing into any product I go through this cray research mode, reading every bit of literature, watching reviews. Same happened when I stumbled upon Kryolan as a brand. More I wanted to read about it, the less I could find. A professional company which makes it’s living by making and selling make up products, Kryolan is one of the under dogs of the cosmetic world. It maybe well known amongst artists, but I have rarely heard bloggers talk much about it. It’s been relatively underplayed in comparison to other brands in the market, which might not even carry such an exhaustive product line.
My first visit to their Delhi store was shocking, I couldn’t believe the variety they offered whether it was the lipsticks or whether it was foundations/ brushes. I was completely awestruck by the fact that they had a color range rivalling MAC but the prices, 1/3rd or even lesser at times, more over I was shocked why weren’t people shopping themselves silly/ getting googgly eyed over this brand!! I don’t know about others but I think these guys are doing a hell of a job when it come sot making great products, especially foundation and concealers. I am not addressing their extreme professional line ( the face paints / and other shmancy products) just the regular stuff which could be bought by average make-up hoarder.

In this post I am going to address foundation. the rest of the products will get their own space and their own words of adoration to do complete justice. Their foundation comes in following ranges

Ultra -Ultra Foundation is a cream foundation specially formulated for the most demanding make-up expectations. As a result of its excellent covering quality, Ultra Foundation is also effective as a corrective make-up. This formulation contains no mineral oil, to assure that the skin readily absorbs the make-up. No. of shades – 70 ( comes in liquid & creme form)

Supra – . This preparation is well known for its outstanding covering qualities, its excellent skin compatibility and the great assortment of available colors. contains mineral oil.

HD Micro -HD Micro Foundation Cream is a micronized foundation with unique light reflection. Optically, it significantly reduces the shadow effects of wrinkles. Liquid & creme form

HD Micro Cache – HD Micro Foundation Cache is a special foundation, created with finest, micronized pigments, that delivers an exceptional perfect make-up and also has excellent covering power.

Cake-make up Cake Make-up is a color intensive make-up in the form of a compact powder which is moist-applied.

much acclaimed TV Painstick : Successfully proven cream make-up in stick form. The special base of TV Paint Stick allows gentle make-up application that provides effective covering at the same time. No. of shades – 250 ( I am not kidding)

Kryolan Supra & Ultra Foundation

The first foundation I bought from them was Supracolor/ Color FS 28. They have options of buying smaller refills costing 350 INR, and because I was unsure of the color matched, I got myself a 4 ml pack, which is yet to get through a considerable dent, no matter how much I use it ( though I am not an everyday face painter, I want to be but I am too lazy) This one blends like a dream, but I found it too oily for for my combination skin. because of the compact packaging , I keep it for travel / night outs/ retouches. Because of it’s emollient nature it works as an excellent under eye concealer.

3 copy

I went back to the Kryolan store to get myself another foundation, something that would agree more with my skin, and was told to try Ultra foundation. The color I use is OB3 which matches much to my NC41 skin, but I still think I can get a better match. I think this shade has a little more red to it, and I i think it’s slightly lighter for me at the pigmented areas. My second trip get a better match was futile and I was given OB2 which is even lighter. I temporarily gave up on getting color matched but I know I will be back into their stores again 😀 Coming back to the Foundation, it’s a creme based foundation that applies well with brush and Beautyblender both. It gives this semi- dewy finish which can be sheered or built up as required. Doesn’t really require powdering if you’re normal skin type. Can stay through 6-8 hours depending upon your skin type and whether you’re a face toucher or not ( I am !) Overall it’s an amazing product and I love the fact that I can layer it and use it like a concealer as well. It also makes for a great travel companion because there’s no spilling or leakage and is a  total value for money. I have 15gm tub, which I am pretty sure will last me two lifetimes even If I use it twice a day! It costed me 900 rs, I don’t think I even can buy an empty bottle of air from MAC at 900 bucks, Don’t get me wrong, I like Mac cosmetics but their prices in India rival Chanel’s. Ultra foundation also comes in liquid form. I have a thing for cream foundations, I find them easier to apply and and use which is why I got myself this version. The packaging is no frill. Its a basic twist top for the tub, while refills can be stacked in a Z palette or cases which can be bought from the Kryolan store itself.


So if you’re someone who’s looking to buy some good foundation, I highly suggest a trip to a Kryolan, I assure you will not be disappointed. But be forewarned, there’s too much to buy in that store. 😀


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