Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet Foundation

My first luxury foundation per-se was a Chanel one. I got my self a bottle of Pro Lumiere and fell in love with it. I rationed it so much that I still have the bottle with more than half of it ( Yup!) Years later, as a Birthday treat to myself I stepped into a Chanel store to get myself anything. Anything. This was the time when the world was singing praises of Les Beiges and Perfection Lumiere velvet. I found Les beiges little too sparkly for my taste so finally settled for Perfection Lumiere velvet. Sleek fantastic packaging, travel and klutz proof since it’s plastic, typical Chanel fragrance and an SPF of 15.

2I tried hard to like this one, not just because of incredible amount of money spent on this one but because everyone seemed to sing praises and hail it has the next best thing after coffee. It’s a good light to build able coverage foundation, the color range available here is tricky.  I have got 40 Beige, which I feel is a little too pink based and lighter for me. I think 50 would have suited by NC41-42 skin better, but SA wouldn’t just go higher. She wanted me to pick up 30. oh hello whiteface! i raked up an almost INR 5k bill , no GWP nothing, there’s something about SA”s in India, they don’t want to give away samples/ GWP’s/ testers god only knows what these things are being hoarded for!

Coming back; for some reason this one gives me a nasty bout of closed comedones every-time I apply it. My heart aches.I want my skin to love it however; it just doesn’t get along. It’s one of those grand schemes by god where no expensive foundation will ever sit well with me. EVER. I am destined to live with highstreet ones. My and highstreet baes.

It applies best with hands, finish is a dreamy velvet one, so you don’t have to powder your skin afterwards. Quite forgiving to imperfections unless you have dehydrated skin, then it highlights every tiny skin fold; waving hands calling attention. Moisturise well before hand guys and it goes on like a dream. Holds well in Delhi Summers. Considering it has SPF, I would keep it for days only unless you’re going for non-photographic thing or you like vampire face.

Price :3000 INR

Will not repurchase


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