Looking for some gold!


Have you ever stumbled upon a set of products that were just too awesome and then repeatedly kick yourself in the shin that why didn’t you get them before? This post is one of those revelations. After years of reading million blog posts about the goodness of liquid gold & lpha H products; I finally took the plunge when I saw this awesome set Alpha-H BeautyBay Anti Ageing Discovery Collection on beautybay. (INR 2433)

This set contains in total 5 products, and which are enough to get you on the Alpha H train

  • Liquid Gold 50ml – An overnight resurfacing and firming lotion.
  • Micro Cleanse 30ml – A granulated exfoliator which smoothes and clears the skin.
  • Balancing Cleanser 30ml – A gentle, creamy cleanser suitable for all skin types which clears the skin of impurities, oil and makeup.
  • Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF50 30ml – A weightless, highly protective cream which locks in moisture and hydration.
  • Essential Hydration Cream 15ml – An aromatic soothing cream which hydrates and restores vitality.

If you’re looking to get a better idea about alpha H products, then this set a fabulous deal. You get decent sized products, at a decent price . I wouldn’t call it cheap, but it doesn’t cost your arm and leg either.

Star products : Liquid Gold & Micro cleanse.

I use Liquid gold twice a week (following instructions as mentioned on the product) and wake up to what definitely looks like a smoother and healthier looking skin. Just dab some on a cotton pad, a swish and flick on your face and neck and you’re done; because of which I reserve it for my lazy days. It needs a little getting used to, not putting anything on your face afterwards. Feels a little dry but not uncomfortable stretchy. They recommend not using a foaming cleanser, so I either use my Ren Rosa Centafolia hot cloth cleanser or the Alpha H Balancing cleanser. it has this distinct alcohol-y fragrance (think clinique toner but not that strong) I think I have understood why a large part of world is crazy over this stuff. This is a no fuss product, giving great results. Quoting Caroline Hirons; its like taking your skin to the gym, and it somehow does exactly that. I for one love it.

On days when my skin feels dull and pores cloggier than usual, I take out the micro-cleanser, which is a grainy exfoliator with 12 % Glycolic Acid. It feels mentholy/ zingy in fragrance, nothing strong that would bother your nose, which with a little massaging leaves your skin like you’ve had a fancy ass facial. I follow it up with a simple moisturiser. Being acid based products I prefer using this at night. There’s no hard fast rule as such about using it at night, it’s just that it makes your skin sensitive to sun so you’re recommended to use a strong sunscreen. I personally prefer exfoliating my skin at night, when I have no intentions of getting out and accumulating grime and sunlight on my face.

The Cleanser is a creamy cleanser, which takes of make up and dirt effortlessly, While both the moisturisers live up to their description, I haven’t gone crazy over them yet.

I can’t wait to get the full sized versions of liquid gold and exfoliator 😀


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