The firsts of the firsts

After years of holding myself from doing this, finally I have mustered up the courage to this. I have been the backseat viewer of the blogs since forever, before Sartorialist became a household name, before the bloggers started using un-pronouncable fancy-shmancy cosmetics, before you had 295983457 reviews of a single product, before multi-million themes came up, yeah much before all that jazz. Every time I wanted to write, I told myself to hold back, because I didn’t have a fancy camera to take snazzy pictures (I still don’t have one), because I didn’t have the time, because what’s the point -who’s-gonna-read-it, I mean I have had such a glamorous list of excuses, that my brain power amuses me.

Anyway leaving antagonizing detailing, let me begin this blog with the hope of continuing this so as to share my views, finding the perfect base and not turning this into just a frivolous pursuit of buying unnecassary products. I am somewhat obsessed with finding the perfect concealer for my punched-in-face dark moody dark circles,even more so finding the perfect foundation for my iffy skin & pore clearing blackhead zapping products.This blog is going to catalog my numerous attempts at finding “the products” and my love for writing extremely long sentences.

Fingers crossed, hands on the keyboard. Goodluck to me


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